Monday, December 11, 2017

Monolithcon 2017 - High Value Target Part 1

Hi All,

What with hobbying and trying to get back into my martial arts practice, I'm finding it harder to bang out these reports. Here's the next one, part of two scenarios we played using Lopez's Rogue Ops mash up.


Thanks for looking. No idea what I'll be posting next. A lot on my plate these days.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 214 - Finished, prep and a crack

Hi All,

A fair amount of progress this week, but probably not as much as I should have gotten. Such is life. I decided to do a bunch more prep so that I can focus on painting for the rest of the Old World Army challenge.

So I finished adding the flock and static grass to the Brigands and Chaos Warriors. I also brushed on some primer to some of the Wargames Foundry bowmen in the back there and I put everyone on bottle caps to try and cut down on the amount I handle the figures. I still touch them way too much.

Just below are the rest of the retainers with their basing done. I just need to seal the grit on and then I can prime these.

On the auxiliary table, I have the foot knights, Crossbowmen, Ordonnance and one Knight (totally unassembled. The Foot knight standard bearer needs to have his banner pole cut and some green stuff to fix his hand. Somebody had modified him in the past and his hand is messed up. I had a few voids in random figures that I filled with squadron putty. It's not the greatest but it works in a pinch. One of the gunners has some major flash/ mold seam that I'm going to have to be extra careful on, so I may do the cannon next month instead of my original plan to do it this month.

Finally, I noticed a large crack all the way around the waist of the leader of my retainer unit. Boo! I must have dropped him in all the back and forth handling I've been doing. There is a definite wobble in his upper half now, but it hasn't completely separated. I've waffled about how best to fix him. Clean break and pin, or force glue and or green stuff into the crack and hope for the best. Today I'm thinking glue, yesterday was break and pin.

I'm also getting a tad bogged down in planning. I'm not sure I have enough shields for all these guys and plain shields seem to be something of a rarity these days. I think I've found some on Magister Militum, but it seems stupid to have to order them from overseas. I also found that not only is one of the plastic knights horses miscast, but one of the knights is as well. It's his shield arm so it can be hidden easily, it's just annoying.

Thanks for looking.

Oh and check out Early Blazon, a great resource for 13th century heraldry.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Paint Table Saturday 213 - Brigands and Chaos Warriors

Hi All,

A lot of stuff finished this week. It was hard to get stuff done with all the memorial things for Master Xiao and trying not to have a pity party for myself. But, as we know, life goes on.

So I stayed up late Thursday night and finished my submission to the Old World Army Challenge. My submission specifically can be seen, here. I encourage you to look at other entries, as there are some truly masterful painters in this group.

The Normans, as I said, were finished Thursday night but both they and the Chaos Warriors were varnished yesterday. I plan to flock and static grass the bases sometime this weekend.

When All is said and done I'm not really crazy about these figures. Multipart plastics rarely go together seamlessly and ranking up units can be a little difficult. There were some odd gaps and things that I appear to have forgotten about in the push to get these done. If I had had infinite time I might have used a little greenstuff to take care of those.

This was also my first full use of the Winsor & Newton Galeria matt varnish. It appears to let the metallics still shine a little. The vallejo was so matt it killed any shine from metallic paint, so I'm glad that the Galeria has removed an extra step from my work flow.

I think I'm going to do the foot knights and Cannon next, but I'm not totally sure. I still have a ton of prep to do. I would do the mounted knights but I need to do some sculpting/ mold making for some missing and miscast parts.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

eBay mishaps - do your research

Hi All,

  I can't remember why exactly, but I did a search for the Slann Mage Priest and found one that actually seemed like a good deal. So I put in a bid and won. As per usual, I didn't look carefully enough at the picture or do my research to see if it was complete. I never learn.

  What's wrong with this picture? Well, the banner poles and horns are missing from the palanquin, the metal arms for the Saurus bearers are missing and in their place are only two plastic arms. I would need four. To top it off, it's been slathered in epoxy, oh and the Stegadon skull backrest is on backwards. So yeah, not really a bargain.

  So I did what  should have done in the first place, and went to 

So here's all the stuff it should have. Armed with this information I went back to eBay.

Somehow I found this one I had not seen before. Appears complete and a much more reasonable price than the $80 I had been seeing it for. Free shipping too.

Anyway, I'm impulsive and dumb. Happy Holidays.


In my haste to publish I forgot to mention a link I found for making your own pseudo Slann Mage Priest. You can find it on Jon's Wargames Minis here. He used the Gaspez Arts Fantasy Football Slann coach and some TAG Aztecs as bearers. A quite convincing substitute in my opinion. That's all.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Monolith Con 2017 - Heroquest

Hi All,

This was the last game of the night, so we were all a little loopy. Blue is also apparently not the biggest fan of heroquest, but he took one for the team. Tom came up with a quick scenario and I got to play the Barbarian. There was some talk about how, as a noob, the Barbarian as the easiest to play. But I think everyone soon realized that I would be the most awesome Barbarian there ever was. ;)

So prepare to have your eyeballs assaulted with my musk of awesomeness!

So there you have it. Do you not feel your loin cloth tightening? Lopez played the wizard andBlue played the Elf and Dwarf. I honestly can't remember what the dwarf's name was, so I thought it would be funny to dis him throughout the report. All in good fun.

Welcome to Peps. If you have a hobby blog let me know and I'll link it. ***Edit: Peps' blog is Beers with Peps looks like a good mix of hobby and beer reviews. Slainte. /Edit***

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Monolithcon 2017 - Black Falcon Xray One

Hi All,

I think this was our last game. I took the Imperial Army against Grove and Blue in a quick game of Lopez's Rogue Trader, Black Ops mash up. Rogue Ops.

I got caught flat footed in shitty cover and didn't activate at the right time, except for the parting shot at the transport. The card activation adds a nice amount of friction.

Staff Sgt Olivia needs to weigh her options, what is the price of failure? I just got caught in the open during a string of Ork activations. Rogue Ops can be fickle like that.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kublacon 2017 - Big Necromunda game.

Hi All,

Going all the way back to May and the huge game of Necromunda I played in. The game ran until 2AM. I played my Genestealer Cult and had a lot of fun. I held this one back because I was going to publish it in the Oldhammer in the New World Zine. Then I got distracted and never finished putting the zine together. I'm working on having it come out in December.

Here's the comic.

As you can see the terrain and figures were off the hook. I think we started with 8 players and whittled down to about four. It was hardcore. I had control of the Patriarch and Facehugger and I muffed their usage. The scenario had a lot of  shifting objectives and multiple hidden objectives based on which group you were. Still a blast though. Thanks to the guys for welcoming me and my son into the game. I intend to return in 2018.

Thanks for looking.


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